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Seaweed - Global Herbs

Seaweed - Global Herbs

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Seaweed is a great way to provide natural trace minerals to a horse’s normal diet. Seaweed is often fed to maintain normal hoof health and to support the skin due to the iodine content. Our seaweed is sourced from Uist on the Western Isles of Scotland and contains no additives or bulking agents, this ensures that your horse will get the best levels of iodine and trace elements.. Benefits of seaweed for horses: 
    • High concentration of iodine
    • Source of vitamins
    • Can help to prevent iodine deficiency
    • Highly bioavailable minerals
    • Natural source of minerals and trace elements
    • Aids general condition
    • Natural source of minerals and trace elements
    • Aids general condition

Feeding Rate 
    • 250kg Pony: 2-3 x 25ml level scoops per day
    • 500kg Horse: 5-6 x 25ml level scoops per day
    • 650kg Horse: 6.5-7.5 x 25ml level scoops per day
    • Reduce to half this amount for maintenance levels.

Could a seaweed supplement cause iodine toxicity? Potentially, but the horse would have to be consuming significant quantities of seaweed. We recommend feeding the recommended dosage for your horse's weight. Is seaweed safe for horses? Provided that you follow the dosage instructions and your horse is in good health, seaweed is safe for horses to consume. Is horse seaweed a good trace mineral supplement? Yes. Seaweed products can help to aid poor coat condition and is a natural product with many potential benefits including trace minerals. How much iodine do horses need? Between 0.35 and 0.4 mg of iodine/kg of dry food consumed per day. This means that a 500 kg horse consuming 2% of its body weight in feed per day will need between 3.5 and 4 mg of iodine per day to meet their iodine requirement.
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