About Us

The Brand, The Passion

Global Herbs aims to supply horse owners with the very best feed supplements from around the world. Our products are fully backed by a modern scientific approach but originate from well-established and authoritative traditional practices. To back up the use of such supplements we aim to provide the most advanced advice service possible, one which totally supports the work of veterinary surgeons caring for the equine population.

To date, equine herbal supplements marketed by Global Herbs have been available in the UK for 25 years. Internationally the same products and ingredients have been used for over 60 years. Because of such a track record, Global Herbs are the UK’s market leader for traditional supplements used to maintain good normal health and well-being 

Global Herbs goal is to provide solutions to everyday equine health problems with the knowledge of ancient wisdom, combined with modern-day veterinary science. Global Herbs carefully sources the highest quality ingredients from specific regions to create safe, accessible equine herbal supplements that you can trust. Everything we do is to address the cause of the problem then provide the natural, nutritional solution for short and long-term wellbeing.


Our Causes


We are more than just our supplements, our causes show our commitment to remaining a 100% natural. We take pride in showing our customers what we do to stay true to these values, taking on new projects all the time, to ensure this is reflected in everything we do.


Our Charities

At Global Herbs we believe in giving something back, we support charities in order to help the volunteers give the best care for their animals. We pledge to keep on supporting new causes. #supportnaturally

Quality Statement


At Global Herbs Europe, we are committed to providing the highest quality products to ensure the health and wellbeing of our customers' equine companions. We source only the finest ingredients from trusted suppliers and rigorously test all our products to ensure that they meet our stringent standards.

Plans for the future

We are pleased to share that we will shortly be applying for BETA membership, with UFAS and FEMAS accreditations to follow.

Following an upcoming premises move, we will also be applying for NOPS accreditation and hope to achieve this in 2024.

Liquid Supplements

Over the warmer summer months, we have experienced a sporadic issue with some of our liquid products. As soon as this was evident, we worked hard to stabilize the product; to ensure the product does not ‘blow’ within the bottle.

We have undertaken trials with several naturally occurring organic preservatives to ensure the stability and quality of the product.

We have now concluded these trials with a successful remedy to the issue and are confident that we have been successful.

FEI Compliance

None of the ingredients we use are stated on the FEI prohibited substances database.

We regularly undertake testing of our products and continuously examine the quality of our products, range, and customer service.

We fully support the FEI in its aims and the activities that they undertake supporting Equine competition and ensuring its fairness.