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MSM 1kg - Global Herbs

MSM 1kg - Global Herbs

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Absolutely Pure MSM for horses

MSM is an essential form of Sulphur found in most plants and an important equine joint supplement. Naturally occurring in the pasture, it's a natural equine supplement. In horses, MSM is vital for the maintenance of strong joints in all horses, young and old, retired and competing. MSM is suitable for all horses and ponies. Benefits for equines. Pure MSM Helps soothe equine muscle tissue. Helps maintain healthy joints. Supports general health in horses.

MSM (Methyl Sulphonyl Methane)

Feed 3.5 x 10ml level scoops per day for an average horse with 500kg of body weight. Feed 1 x 10ml scoop for maintenance. MSM can be fed throughout the year.

How much MSM should you give your horse? Our feeding recommendations for this MSM product and a 500kg horse are 3.5 level scoops per day.

Why do horses need MSM? Needs vary as much as they do for every individual horse. MSM is a great addition to daily feeding and is usually supplemented to maintain joint health, connective tissues and support equine muscle tissue. It's also useful to supplement horses with MSM to support periods of intensive exercise, rigorous training, or if there's been an increase in exercise or activity levels. It plays a key role in collagen synthesis, is a form of sulfur, and has a critical role in glucosamine production.

What does MSM do for horses? \n \nAs a joint supplement for horses, it takes care of a variety of important functions in the body. These include the production of important compounds and supporting recovery and joint health. Horse owners can easily add it to their daily feed to increase the uptake of bio-available sulphur. This has positive effects on horses and can be especially helpful to support recovery after strenuous exercise.

Can too much MSM be bad for your horse? It's usually just removed from the body when the horse urinates but we'd always recommend sticking to the dosages on the instructions.

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Customer Reviews

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Julie Chadwick

fabulous product supports horses in any work discipline

Thank you for your review! We're happy to hear that you find it fabulous and that it supports horses in any work discipline. It's a pleasure to support you and your ponies.