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Garlic Powder 1kg - Global Herbs

Garlic Powder 1kg - Global Herbs

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Premium quality Garlic Powder for horses.

Garlic is known to help discourage flies and insects, as well as encourage normal breathing and healthy skin condition. Feed to horses as part of their usual feeding routine to experience the many health benefits associated with it, that garlic goodness. This is the powder form from our garlic range. Benefits of garlic for horses 
    • Naturally discourages flies and other insects

    • Supports general health

100% Garlic powder. Feed 1.25 scoops of garlic per day for an average horse of 500kg in body weight. Garlic can be fed throughout the year as part of a regular diet. Why should you feed your horse garlic? It's a really easy and affordable supplement for horses and a great way to increase the nutritional content of your horse's feed. Horse owners often use it as a supplement in their horse or pony's diet as it has many benefits including anti-septic, and anti-inflammatory qualities, and could improve respiratory problems while acting as a fly repellent. When should you not give garlic to horses? If your horse is unwell, seek veterinary advice before changing its diet. Provided that you stay within the recommended dosages(1.25 scoops of powder per day) correct feeding rate and seek advice if your horse has any pre-existing conditions like anaemia or blood clotting, it's a great addition to their routine feeding. Other than that, it's a great part of a balanced diet. \n \nAre there any other forms for equine use? Yes, we also offer Garlic Granules as well as this powder.
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