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Cinnamon Powder (True) 1KG - Global Herbs

Cinnamon Powder (True) 1KG - Global Herbs

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Cinnamon stands out for its numerous health advantages, notably its anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antidiabetic, and antimicrobial properties.  

This aromatic spice contributes to a healthy cardiovascular system and supports digestive well-being through its spasmolytic and anti-flatulence qualities.  

Particularly beneficial for horses with equine metabolic syndrome or other metabolic disorders, cinnamon aids in stabilizing and regulating blood sugar levels. Additionally, it is ideal for horses experiencing mild digestive upsets.  

With its naturally sweet and palatable taste, cinnamon can enhance feed palatability to help promote an improved appetite. 

  • Supports the natural anti-inflammatory processes in your horse. 
  • Helps to stabilise and regulate blood sugar levels. 
  • Aids cardiovascular health and promotes a healthy digestive system. 

Feeding rate (based on an average 500kg horse): 15 – 20g 


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