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Apple Cider Vinegar - Equine

Apple Cider Vinegar - Equine

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Pure and natural Apple Cider Vinegar for horses. It's known to support joint health, coat condition, vitality, and general well-being for horses and is a simple addition to your horse's diet. It's been used as a natural supplement for horses for generations and is an affordable and simple way to have a positive impact on your horse's health.

Benefits of apple cider vinegar for horses include: 
    • Supports joint health and aids vitality
    • Improves coat condition
    • A great source of B vitamins and vitamin C
    • Source of minerals
    • Contributes to general wellbeing
Is apple cider vinegar suitable for horses with laminitis? Yes, horses with laminitis can enjoy this supplement as part of a balanced diet.

What's the best apple cider vinegar for horses? Only the purest and most natural vinegar, free from additives and chemicals. This one is naturally sourced, of the highest quality, and in its purest form.

What's the best way to give this vinegar to my horse? The easiest and most convenient way to add this vinegar to your horse's diet is to dilute the vinegar with a bucket of water.

How to feed apple cider vinegar to horses: Feed 2 x 25ml vinegar per day for an average 500kg horse for maximum benefit. This supplement can be fed throughout the year as part of a horse's wider nutritional plan. Pour the vinegar from the bottle, mix it into drinking water and your horse will consume it when it next needs a drink.
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