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The powder for everyday body defence

This traditional preparation is an invaluable mixture of herbs to help your horse’s defence (immune) system work effectively. This blend has so many more benefits than just echincea. It calms the mind, helps the body rebuild as well as powerfully supporting body defence.


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Horses recovering from viral problems may need 3 months supplementation. ImmuPlus’s calming action also helps horses chill out when they are off colour. Our customers also find ImmuPlus invaluable nutrition when their vets are dealing with foot abcesses and minor wounds.


Prices (RRP):

1kg         £20.65

5kg         £92.65
Whenever you suspect that body defences are weak:
  • For good recovery after all health concerns
  • Nutritional support before and after vaccinations
  • For poor performance and lethargy
  • To protect from known health risks that may be going round your yard
  • As a calming agent
  • Nutrition to help minor wounds and foot abcesses (under a vet’s supervison)
Includes: Guduchi Vine, Winter Cherry, Amla Berry
The best results for horses that are generally off colour will be gained by using with Restore – a very powerful antioxidant and boosting combination.

2 x 25ml scoops of the powder twice daily per adult horse or 2 x 25ml twice daily of liquid.
A course should last for at least 21 days. Several months may be required in some situations.

Jane Townsend

Jane's horse Tilly had been ill for some time with a mystery illness that had affected her breathing or some time. Jane explained: "We really had hit the bottom line with Tilly and the vet had written to the insurance company recommended euthanasia if her condition continued to deteriorate and he wasn't hopeful she would recover. It was at this point I decided to 'think out side the box', there was no way Tilly would go without a fight and Immu Plus struck a cord.

The transformation in Tilly from mid December to mid December has been nothing short of astonishing. I can only put this down to the use of Immu Plus and Airways Plus. We had been told she would no longer be ridden or driven, she was been ridden twice since December and the second time I rode her she went like a rocket and was so sparky and alert. We have a new 2-wheeled gig and my husband is hoping to take her out in the spring. Thank you and I hope that Global Herbs supplements can be as effective for other owners in despair as they have been for us".

Lyn Probets, Bucks

"After breathing worries, I used Immu Plus and my horse was in sparkling form after two weeks"

Beverley Haydon

Following a long period of problems, yearling Teddy still had nasal discharge and needed help. Beverley said:"I have honestly been at my wits end on how to clear it up, My local feed/supplement supplier helped me by suggesting that I feed to maintain a good immune system, so I purchased ImmuPlus and after 4 days of being on it Teddy looked very well, he hasn't got any discharge and is much brighter in himself. Thank you."

Ashley Rossiter

"I have been worried about my horse Tarrow’s eye for so long, I asked for your advice and he as been on ImmuPlus and Alphabute for 3 months and I am very happy now. I am blown away by your products. Seriously impressed – a great service."

Moira Peabody

Moira's horse Tegan had been very poorly with a virus and on recommendation of a friend tried Restore and Immu Plus."One month later Tegan was tested again, and her bloods were sent to Newmarket for full testing - on 29th May I have just had the results from my vet... her blood count, white and red, are at normal levels! I really could not believe it, my vet had to tell me a few times before I would believe him! I am convinced that it was the Global Herbs products that have facilitated such a rapid recovery in my girl - I have now been told that she can be started back into gentle exercise. Thank you to Global Herbs.. I am chuffed to bits. I would recommend anyone to contact Global Herbs for advice and guidance for supplements for their horse - without hesitation."

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